Will MB Patil Take Babaleshwar Again?

By Sandhya Ravishankar

This is a constituency that needs to be watched keenly as the elections near. Babaleshwar in Vijayapura district, where the sitting MLA is high profile Congress leader MB Patil. He was a minister in the Siddaramaiah tenure.

This should have been a reasonably comfortable victory for MB Patil but the JD(S) has thrown a spanner in the works. Their candidate, Basavaraj Honnavada, belongs to the Kuruba caste. And when The Lede visited the constituency, Kurubas appeared to prefer voting for the JD(S) this time.

If indeed the math works against MB Patil, the BJP will smell a victory here. That means Vijugouda Patil, who is more or less the confirmed candidate in this seat, will be a happy man.

Listen in to what the Scheduled Caste Harijan voters in Nidoni village of Babaleshwar constituency have to say.