The Evolution of Shobana Ravi

By Sandhya Sridhar

Shobana Ravi is no stranger to the world of television. A celebrated newsreader who was popular and enjoyed a large fan following on Doordarshan’s Tamil News, Shobana’s career arc is interesting.

A television star who adapted with the times, she one day just ‘disappeared’ from the news as we can put it, to re-emerge as a writer.

Her first work ‘Catalyst’ was a memoir of sorts, and it was followed by fiction, ‘The Auspicious’. Her third book and second work of fiction is ‘Amaru: When Adi Sankara had to Learn the Art of Love’, published by Garuda books.

This work of hers is interesting as it touches upon a phase of Adi Sankara’s life, when during his travels, challenged in a debate, he transmigrates into the body of a dead king. He is supposed to have, in this form, penned verses of love, the ‘Amarushatakam’.

In this podcast, Shobana speaks about her book, her experiences as a writer and of her beliefs and convictions.