Soros Funded NGOs Subverting Democratic Election in Karnataka

In Part 6 of our series – India’s ‘Soft’ Enemies, we bring clinching evidence of how Soros-funded NGOs are working to bring down a political party in Karnataka

By Sandhya Ravishankar

What if we told you that the billionaire hedge fund investor George Soros is actively working through his Indian proxies to sabotage a democratic election?

And what if we told you that it is happening today, as you read this article, brazenly, right under our noses, in Karnataka? 

You would most likely dismiss it as a conspiracy theory, right? 

But what if we showed you undeniable proof?

Soros’ man in India, Vice President of Open Society Foundations, Bengaluru-born Salil Shetty’s brainchild – “Yuva Shakti” – is now actively working in Nelamangala and Doddaballapura to sabotage one particular political party.

In a 2020 video, Salil Shetty can be seen speaking at the launch of the Bihar chapter of Yuva Shakti. 
You call me the founder or convenor of this program but actually, no single person has founded this,” said Shetty. “The state of affairs in the country has founded this. About 30-40 of us got together from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru and we discussed that the country is in bad shape and we need to do something about this. There is a big crisis in the country and the financial condition of the nation is weak. The second issue is that religious tension and polarisation has increased. On top of this, healthcare, education & unemployment have come to a very critical state in this country. We discussed solutions. From the discussion we arrived at the conclusion that if there is any hope, then it is only in the youth. The future and the present are in the hands of youngsters. This is how Yuva Shakti was launched. We are doing pilots in three places this year – Bihar, Karnataka and UP – and we’re working only in 3 specific blocks.”

The three specific blocks are Kalpi in Uttar Pradesh, Nelamangala in Karnataka and Sarayanjan in Bihar. 

The idea was to engage the youth in these areas by conducting activities, awareness programs, holding workshops and events to train youth, especially Dalits into people who question authority. 

Salil Shetty and friends – Gagan Sethi, Biraj Patnaik, Amitabh Behar, Paul Divakar Namala Annie Namala and others who are helped and funded by Soros-affiliated NGOs, have tried to make Yuva Shakti seem like an awareness program about the Constitution and citizen rights. 

But their work is something entirely different and more political. 

Take a look at what they have been posting actively on their Facebook site for Karnataka specifically in Nelamangala and Doddaballapura. 

In Doddaballapura, Yuva Shakti targets and attacks Dr K Sudhakar, the Health Minister of Karnataka.

Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page
Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page
Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page

In Nelamangala, Yuva Shakti rails against the BJP government, even using the Congress party’s 40% sarkara slogan.

Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page
Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page
Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page
Courtesy: Yuva Shakti Karnataka Facebook page

In fact, while Yuva Shakti seemingly started off as a “movement” for people, they have now become an open vehicle for campaigning against the BJP. 

Not only is Yuva Shakti attempting to become a political movement and subvert democracy, it has also instigated protests. In Uttar Pradesh’s Kalpi and Karnataka’s Nelamangala in February 2021, Yuva Shakti instigated protests as the protests against Farm Law amendments in Delhi were raging. 

The Lede decided to try and meet the Yuva Shakti team in Nelamangala. A Google map with a location in Nelamangala was available on their Facebook page. 

We followed the map to find the house. 

In the midst of residential homes, a tiny room atop the terrace was said to be an office.

They transfer funds from and to one another. They work with one another. They are of the same ideology. To disrupt and create chaos in our democracy at the bidding of a notorious regime changer who has wreaked havoc on other nations.

As per the FCRA Act, no person who receives donations from foreign sources can use that money for ANY political activities. With Yuva Shakti, the Soros soldiers have broken the law in a brazen manner. 

Not just this. They have attempted to sabotage India’s democratic process ahead of a crucial election in Karnataka and that is a far more serious charge. 

It is significant to note too that foreign funding to NGOs in India has shot up steeply between 2017-18 and 2020-21, despite the Home Ministry’s stringent restrictions on FCRA funding as well as cancellation licences of over 6000 NGOs. This data was provided in answer to two questions in the Rajya Sabha. 

Foreign funding of NGOs rose to Rs 22,085 crore in 2021-22 from around Rs 19,000 crore in 2019-20.

Even more noteworthy is the fact that Karnataka has displaced Tamil Nadu as the state with the second highest amount of FCRA funding. Delhi continues to top the list of FCRA donations received by NGOs. 

Is there a connection between the increased funding to Karnataka ahead of a crucial election year? And will the authorities, at least now, take action?