Karnataka Power Bills Soar 3X; Consumers Shocked

By Sandhya Ravishankar

As the increase in power tariffs kicked in, consumers in Karnataka were expecting to pay higher bills. But they were in for a shock as many bills in June 2023 are double or even triple the amount billed in May 2023, a month ago. 

The helplines of the power discoms are flooded with consumers calling to ask for clarifications on “Other Charges” and the actual calculation of the amount to be paid by the consumer. Unfortunately, few consumers are receiving answers as the helpline staff struggle to convey reasons that they are not aware of. 

The most recent power tariff break up – after the hike of Rs 2.89 per unit – is shown here.

With the newly elected Congress government announcing a complex calculation for the promised freebie of 200 free units of power, this huge hike in power tariffs has added insult upon injury. 

An angry consumer from Hoskote spoke to The Lede and expressed his frustration at having to pay three times the amount while his usage had remained the same.