Hinduphobia In UK Schools Is High: Report

By Sandhya Ravishankar 

A first of its kind report by the UK-based Henry Jackson Society contains sobering findings. The report, titled “Anti-Hindu Hate In Schools” is authored by Charlotte Littlewood. 

It’s key findings are: 

1. 51% of parents of Hindu pupils surveyed said that their child has experienced
anti-Hindu hate in schools.

2. Fewer than 1% of schools with Indian pupils queried by Freedom of Information reported any anti-Hindu-related incidents in the last five years.

3. Teaching on Hinduism has been reported by some participants of this study as fostering religious discrimination towards Hindu pupils.

4. 19% of Hindu parents surveyed believe schools are able to identify anti-Hindu

5. 15% of Hindu parents surveyed believe schools adequately address anti-Hindu related incidents.

Research fellow and Prevent expert Charlotte Littlewood spoke to Sandhya Ravishankar about her findings and what they mean to the Hindu community in the UK.