A Much Loved Congress MLA Faces A Challenge In Indi

By Sandhya Ravishankar

The constituency of Indi in Vijayapura has been held by the Congress’ Yashvantrayagouda Patil who is a two-time MLA here. The locals here are clearly very fond of him. They say he has done a lot of work for them, except for fixing the terrible roads.

But now, many voters want a change. The Lingayat community appears to be leaning towards the BJP, while the Kuruba community seems to prefer the JD(S) candidate BD Patil, who belongs to the same community. Muslims and the Scheduled Caste voters plan to stay with the Congress.

Even before the two main parties – the BJP and the Congress announce their candidates, the air in Indi is thick with excitement and speculation.

Watch what some of the voters had to say as The Lede traveled to Vijayapura district for our Hit The Highway series.